Zio is the faster, more reliable way to diagnose your irregular heart rhythm.

how it works: get the data your doctor needs in a single test.

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    Step 1: wear the monitor

    Your doctor will apply a water-resistant Zio by iRhythm heart monitor to your chest. There are no wires, and it can be hidden by your clothes.

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    Step 2: Note any heart symptoms

    If you feel anything that you think might be an unusual heart rhythm, press the top of the Zio patch. Then briefly describe it in the provided symptom-log booklet, on the myZioTM mobile app, or at www.myzio.com.

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    Step 3: Return the monitor by mail

    After your prescribed wear time, simply remove your monitor. Then place in the back of the provided Patient Instructions & Button Press Log and put the booklet into the pre-addressed return box and drop into any United States Postal Service mailbox.

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    Step 4: Review the results with your doctor

    Based on the clear and complete report we’ll provide, your doctor will have the information he or she needs to make a diagnosis.

myZIOTM - The easy way to record your symptoms as they occur

Now you don’t have to carry a separate Patient Instructions and Button Press Log book to record your symptoms as they occur. myZio makes it easy to:

  • Complete registration
  • Enter symptoms
  • View symptom history
  • Access and edit your profile

Choose from desktop or mobile versions.


To access the desktop version:

  • Open your web browser.
  • In the navigation bar, type in www.myzio.com to get to the website.
  • Before entering symptoms, make sure to complete the registration by clicking the register button.


  • Search for myZio in the Apple App Store.
  • Download the app on the iPhone.
  • Before entering symptoms, please complete your registration by clicking the register button.
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If you need immediate medical attention, please call 911.

The symptoms entered by patients into the myZio or myzio.com are not reviewed until after the heart monitoring device has been returned to iRhythm, and the cardiac data is under review.


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myZio® is the registered trademark of iRhythm Technologies, Inc.

Refer to your instruction booklet that comes with your monitor.

Please read your Patient Instructions booklet for information about wearing the Zio patch, recording any symptoms you feel, removing the patch, and directions for returning the Zio patch at the end of your wear period.